PSE Power is the sole Channel Partner in Ireland for R Schmitt Enertec CHP from 100 kW to 500 kW and AB Cogeneration from 800 kW to 4,400 kW (4.4MW) Gas & CHP.

Jenbacher Engines are the exclusive choice for AB Cogeneration. AB is the global leader in cogeneration with over 1000 plants , totalling 1300 MW worldwide. Their expertise covers engineering and manufacturing top quality CHP Solutions at their headquarters in Orzinuovi, Italy.

R Schmitt Enertec GmbH is a manufacturer of gas engines, generator sets and cogeneration sets, located in Mendig, Germany. It is critical you choose a CHP Partner who can deliver a complete solution – from initial feasibility analysis, design and planning through to installation, commissioning, and life-long service and maintenance.

PSE Power has extensive experience with CHP systems across all sectors.

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What is CHP?

Combined Heat and Power or CHP, is the simultaneous production of both heat and electricity – from one fuel source, generally natural gas.  A CHP system recovers the heat normally lost in electricity generation for use in heating, dehumidification and other processes even including cooling.

In other words, it utilises the heat produced in electricity generation rather than releasing it wastefully into the atmosphere.  CHP delivers remarkable efficiency, significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

As a form of energy, electricity is more expensive to generate than heat.  In a typical CHP installation, the emphasis is on producing electricity at a lower cost to displace some or all of the more expensive power that would otherwise be bought from the electricity grid.

At the same time, the heat produced from the plant is used to replace heat provided from a conventional boiler.

CHP systems can provide energy savings of 20% – 25%, and in some cases up to 35%.


Who can benefit from CHP?

  • Hotels / leisure centres
  • Hospitals & nursing homes
  • Sports & recreational centres, swimming pools
  • Universities, Colleges & Institutes of Technology
  • Greenhouses
  • Food processing plants
  • Industrial / pharmaceutical / manufacturing plants
  • Data Centres


Direct Benefits

  • Immediate significant energy savings
  • Eliminate risk associated with rising electricity prices
  • High overall efficiency
  • Environmentally beneficial with low emission power generation and high performance