PSE Power certified by SAFE T Cert

PSE’s Safety Management System has been audited and is now certified by Safe T Cert.

safe t cert

Safe-T-Cert is a certification scheme designed for certifying the Safety Management Systems of contractors working in the construction industry. The Scheme’s objective is to improve health and safety management by providing objective standards and certifying those contractors whose safety management systems have been assessed, and can demonstrate that they:

  • Are inline with the ILO guidelines for Safety Management Systems
  • Meet the basic requirements for training and competence
  • Implement an occupational health and safety management system which meets the requirements of the organisation – incorporating continual improvement
  • Address relevant national legislation
  • Demonstrates commitment at all levels within the organisation

Safe-T-Cert is a construction sector specific safety management system accreditation service. The Scheme is applicable to contractors of all sizes and was developed jointly by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) in Dublin and the Construction Employers Federation (CEF) in Belfast. It is applicable in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.